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This is a new community designed especially for hogwarts_elite Gryffindors to come in order to recieve any help they might need. Feel free to post here and request help in graphics, fics, editorials, or even simple brainstorming. This is a friendly community where Gryffs can come and get constructive criticism on their work. This will help us improve as a House, as well as strengthen our own interhouse bonds!

Very important note: This is a community that is meant for us to help each other. This is not a place for House bashing, or any other negative discussion pertaining to the other houses at H_E. Please, let's keep this a friendly and happy environment.

This initial post is not friends-locked, but please do be sure to lock all posts in the future.

Edit: I also would like 2 people to help me mod this community. If you're interested, please comment on this post and let me know why you'd like to be a mod (something short and simple is fine, no essays necessary ;-D ) and how much free time you have (though this really shouldn't take much).

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