I'm a Repo Man. (kikithepirate) wrote in gryffinhelp,
I'm a Repo Man.

Ok guys, I'm sure you've all read Dex's post in the common room by now. If not, please do so.

As those of you who were there in the initial Gryffinchat know, I said that I would allow sorting logs to be posted here as long as I had permission from those above me. We very clearly do not have that now, and I am beginning to regret ever having created this community in the first place. I wanted this to be an integral place where we could legitimately help build each other up. Cheating in any form is never ok with me, I want to belong to a house that abides by the rules at all times.

I really love this house, and I have a lot of fun on hogwarts_elite. However, we most definitely need to live up to our name. Winning isn't everything, although it is a great feeling. I want us to win, but I want us to do it fairly. If the Hufflepuffs or Slytherins or Ravenclaws perform better than us, then I think that they should have the cup. I wouldn't want it if I felt like we didn't deserve it. I'm sure that most of you feel the same way.

I'm not deleting this community yet, but I will if I am asked to do so by Dex, Noah, or honestly, anyone else. No one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable by anything we do as a House: this was created purely for fun, so that we could have a positive place to help each other out. I still want that to happen, and I think it can.

I really love my Gryffindors, and I have faith that we can win the house cup: we have amazing graphic artists, fic writers, editorialists, and plain old creative geniuses in this house. You guys are great, so let's win that cup and deserve it.

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