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Loud and proud Gryffindor here.
The name's Mariana. I'm 21 and I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm originally from New Zealand, but have lived in Australia nearly my whole life. So to all those that don't know me, G'day! Feel free to friend me at any time. To those that do know me, a big wink your way.


Since this is a community where Gryffs help out other Gryffs, I'm in desperate need of some opinions.

Would it be classified as cheating if I asked you for help on identifying what kind of character Kingsley Shacklebolt would have been in his teens?
I'm applying for H_E RPG, and it's my first time. I've never had to explain a character's description before, so I'm finding it kind of difficult. Plus, I don't want to be completely off course in describing my chosen character. My imagination's not really at it's fullest.
I don't want a paragraph on how Kingsley was, just a few pointers.
So how about it? I will make sure to add your names in the application as credit.
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